The Kukulski Brothers story is one of hard work and persistence. We started our T-Shirt and Souvenir business right after the turn of the century. One of our owners, David Kukulski, began publishing High School State Championship Programs 22 years earlier, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that souvenirs (and eventually awards) were included in our product line. We’ve worked with the Arizona Interscholastic Association for decades. In addition, we began working a number of high school and college invitationals. Eventually, after “learning the business,” we reached out to other activity associations and have become the official vendor for different organizations in various parts of the United States. Our biggest focus has definitely been in the West, as demonstrated by our work in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

We’re truly a family business. In fact, three brothers, two wives and five second-generation Kukulskis have worked in the business at various times over the years. In addition, another dozen or so family members have participated from time to time. We’ve concentrated on a solid foundation, always looking to build the business into a source of pride and steady income. We simply don’t take on projects with no future. When your name is on the door – if you have any pride at all – you either really care about what you do or you don’t last very long in the souvenir business. We’re proud of our 16 years in the business and look forward to many more.